Hungarian Beef Stew

This beef stew is absolutely delicious.  This is what I call soul food. It will literally warm you up on a cold winter evening.   Yes, it takes a few hours to cook and simmer but the end result is nothing short of wonderful. Serve this over egg noodles, or any other pasta that you prefer.  Be […]

Oven Roasted Beef with Mushrooms

This is my mom’s recipe. She has always made it for parties and family get  togethers and it is ALWAYS a favorite (notice that “always” is capitalized, meaning there is no exclusion to this rule).  Not much can surpass a recipe passed down from our dear mamas-and this recipe in particular brings back wonderful memories […]

Turkey Cakes

Thinking of what to make today for dinner?  Well you can’t go wrong with these katleti.  They are so juicy and moist inside, and the flavors are incredible. They are made with only turkey so they take no time at all.  I made this recipe from two different recipes.  A little from my moms version […]