Poppy Seed Pastries

poppy seed

These heart-shaped Poppy Seed Pastries are quite delicious and easy to make.

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Red Cabbage Salad


I love red cabbage! But there are not many recipes with this vegetable…I wish there were. This salad, however, uses lots and lots of red cabbage and it is one of my favorite salads. ¬†It is simple, but yet so juicy and filling. ¬†If you don’t have red cabbage, use regular cabbage-it will be just as delicious!

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Simple White Potatoes


How I love these simple¬†“new” potatoes! They compliment any meal and can even be on the table in less than 30 minutes. ¬†I even make these for when guests come over. ¬†They are always a crowd-pleaser. Instead of parsley, you can use fresh chives, scallions, or dill.

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Hungarian Beef Stew


This beef stew is absolutely delicious.  This is what I call soul food. It will literally warm you up on a cold winter evening.   Yes, it takes a few hours to cook and simmer but the end result is nothing short of wonderful. Serve this over egg noodles, or any other pasta that you prefer.  Be sure to use sweet paprika, it will really make a difference in the taste.  Enjoy!

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